You can configure Muunto to offer a functional environment that can be fitted precisely to the space available and your personal needs. The wall panels of the system can be used to create, for example, an even surface to cover an entire wall, and the groove inserts allow you to fit various accessories in the panels according to personal taste. The wiring is hidden between the wall and the panelling, and the wall sockets remain behind special small doors where they can be easily accessed.

The panelling consists of MDF boards and aluminium groove inserts, installed at either 200 or 400 mm intervals. You can assemble the wall panelling system yourself or use our professional installation service.


The Muunto storage system is based on a wall panelling that can be outfitted with a wide selection of accessories. The worktops, cabinets and shelves come in a variety of colours and materials. All details, right down to the door handles, are both functional and stylishly designed.

Your selected accessories can be hung from the panel wall without any tools. The configuration can be changed as often as you like – you can freely move the accessories horizontally along the grooves and raise or lower them from one groove to another. Muunto always leaves the floor surfaces clear.

For your furniture offer, please be in touch info@tjt-kaluste.fi


There is no shortage of material and colour options in the standard selection of panels, shelves, cabinets and worktops. The standard colour range includes bright and muted shades. There are two wood veneer options: lacquered oak and walnut. The materials and colours of the standard selection, including those of the accessory frames and fronts, can be combined freely. Custom colours and materials are also possible.

Muunto handles, groove inserts and brackets have been anodised with the same silver-grey finish. The doors of the entertainment electronics units feature a stylish fabric, which the remote control ray beam is able to penetrate. The fabric comes in two different colours, grey and black.